Traveling To Amsterdam 101 – Things Every Newby Traveler Should Know

If you are looking for your next vacation destination, but this time you want to opt for something more adventurous. It is true that cities like Paris, Rome or London are beautiful but this year you should give Amsterdam a chance and have the most exciting vacation of your life.

Amsterdam is a popular European destination because of its unique cultural heritage, the vibrant lifestyle, and its energetic people. There are many unbelievable things to do while you are in this gorgeous city, so be prepared Here you will also discover a plethora of museums, nightclubs, pubs and shopping areas, all of which add to an unforgettable Amsterdam experience.

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Getting There & Getting Around

In order to get to Amsterdam, you can travel either by plane, train or bus. Ultimately, you will have to choose the mode of transport that is within your budget and preferred level of convenience so as not to ruin your vacation.

If you decide to go by plane you will land in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Just keep in mind that it will be costly but this is definitely the fastest way to reach this amazing city. Taking the bus can be cost-efficient but be prepared for a longer trip. Should you wish to take the bus, you can check out Eurolines and Flixbus. If you wish to take the train, you ought to go to Amsterdam Central Station as most trains arrive and depart here.

You can also check if there are international trains that you can take as there are a couple of these that run directly to the Amsterdam Central Station such as Thalys, ICE International, Intercity train to Berlin, CityNightLight and Eurostar.

When you finally reach the city, you can get around by public transportation such as the tram, metro, bus or boat. When you feel like being able to see the beautiful structures and what Amsterdam has to offer, you can rent a bicycle or you can choose to walk around the city since many tourist destinations are next to each other.

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The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Traveling without buying anything is like going to a restaurant and not ordering at all. Shopping will definitely complete your Amsterdam experience since all types of stores can be found in the city. The goods found in Amsterdam’s shopping district range from luxury, trendy and designer items to second-hand and antique ones.

Some of the popular places to shop include Nieuwendijk, Kalverstraat, Heiligeweg, and Leidsestraat. You can also check out Haarlemmerstraat, Utrechtsestraat, and Spiegelstraat for specialty stores. And if you’re craving for a little Chinese, Nieuwmarkt is the place for you.

Aside from the main shopping district, street markets are also famous in Amsterdam because of the variety of goods they sell. Some of these include Albert Cuyp, Ten Cate Market, Dappermarkt, Lindengracht, and Lapjesmarkt.

As always, shopping in foreign lands can be very tricky and may pose a slight danger. This is due to pickpockets and thieves roaming around places with a high concentration on tourists. With that in mind, always be careful and mindful of your belongings so you could end the day with a smile instead of a frustrating police report.

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After a long walk, the next best thing is probably to be greeted by a comfortable and cozy bed. It is therefore important to secure comfortable accommodation, in order to ensure your ultimate Amsterdam experience.

Accommodations in Amsterdam may vary from the type of travel you are embarking on and the level of convenience you wish to have. The beautiful thing about Amsterdam is that it is used to having tourists. Therefore plenty of establishments offer accommodations at a relatively cheap price. Hotels and hostels are the most popular accommodation options for a tourist with budget-friendly prices.

If you wish to book high-class hotels, you can try making reservations at Hotel De l’Europe, or InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam. Also, check out Amsterdam Marriott Hotel and NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky.

Majority of travelers go on a trip with a limited budget, therefore, it is also helpful to find cost-efficient accommodations. This is where hostels enter the picture. Take a look at The Flying Pig Backpacker Hostel or Bob’s Youth Hostel. Moreover, Youth Hostel Meeting Point and White Tulip Hostel are only some of Amsterdam’s popular hostels which are worth checking out.

Overall Experience

It cannot be denied that Amsterdam is surely a great place to spend a vacation with your family or friends. Planning a trip to Amsterdam is so much easier these days, thanks to the vast improvements and innovations in technology. A simple internet search would lead you to an easy Amsterdam vacation reservation.

Always remember that you should plan your trip properly and thoroughly before you make any final decisions. The excitement that you will feel is normal and inevitable. But you must stay focused so that you can get proper hotel accommodations and a nice set-up itinerary.

With that being said, it’s time to start planning your Amsterdam trip! You will definitely enjoy this great experience!

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