Three Ingredient Grape Popper Dessert [gluten free and vegan options]

Enjoy dessert each night by swapping out high calories options for something a little healthier. These three-ingredient grape poppers can be made with gluten-free and/or vegan options allowing for everyone to enjoy.

I’ve always been a big fan of dessert and I’ll find any excuse for something sweet after dinner. I believe that regardless of your dietary needs or restrictions, you should be able to enjoy dessert every single night. I’m not talking about 300 plus calories chocolate cake or scoops of ice cream, but even healthy dessert can be fun and enjoyable.

three ingredient grape popper dessert

Often times after dinner I will enjoy yogurt topped with fruit, fruit on its own, or nuts as a healthier option. You can always find loads of healthy, vegan, and/or paleo dessert recipes all over the web so your options are essentially endless.

three ingredient grape popper dessert 3

But today you don’t have to search any further for a healthier dessert option that only requires three ingredients and there is no baking involved. Yep, no baking and minimal ingredients win every time in my book.

Now I do not eat a gluten-free or vegan diet but that doesn’t mean this recipe isn’t gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Just take a look at the ingredient list and find your favorite, dietary-friendly white chocolate bark or baking chips and you too can enjoy these little grape poppers.

three ingredient grape popper dessert 4

Grape Poppers


  • Roasted Peanuts, chopped
  • Green Grapes
  • White Chocolate Bark or Baking Chips [gluten free and/or vegan optional]
  • *Coconut Oil, if needed to thin out melted chocolate

Cooking Directions

  1. Chop up your roasted peanuts and set aside on a dish or in a bowl.
  2. Wipe clean your grapes by using a damp paper towel. (if you rinse them under running water, the white chocolate will not stick to the grapes and they will become soggy)
  3. In a microwave-safe bowl, melt your baking chocolate in 15-second intervals. If your melted chocolate is too thick, stir in coconut oil until the desired thickness is achieved.
  4. Dip grapes in melted chocolate then roll in chopped nuts. Set aside on a parchment-lined tray and allow to set in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  5. Store for a few days in an airtight container in the fridge.
  6. Enjoy!

You might notice that I omitted measurements from the recipe. That is because I don’t measure for this recipe. It just depends on if I want 10 grape poppers or if I am making for a crowd. Just use your best judgment. And heck, if you are left with extra melted chocolate, pour into a muffin tin and place in the freezer overnight. Then you can store your re-hardened baking chocolate in a baggy in your pantry.

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