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For those looking for adventure and surprises, Dubai is the place to be. It offers you a lot of exciting activities that will surely make your stay memorable. It has beautiful sand dunes, crystal clear beaches and a nightlife that will lure you to come back for more.

Dubai is also famous for its trading as it is the main source of income of this amazing city. It is where the best and the brightest meet to do their business. With all these wonderful attractions, Dubai surely makes it to the top of the most sought-after destinations of any tourist’s list. Dubai is a place with an infinite number of things to do, so basically – this is a dream destination for any tourist!

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But before heading over to this amazing city, you should first decide on where you want to stay. So, book your room at the Fairmont Hotel and be mesmerized by its service and prices.

Simply put, Fairmont Hotel is the hotel of your dreams! Read along and you will know exactly what it has in store for you.


Fairmont Hotel is near Sheikh Zayed Road. It is located in the heart of the business district of Dubai. It is only a few minutes away from the Dubai International Airport, the Dubai Media City and the Dubai Internet City. The hotel is so accessible that there is literally no way for you to not find it. The most famous landmarks surround the Fairmont Hotel which makes it even easier to access.

Fairmont Hotel’s location makes it worth staying in. However, the accessibility of the place isn’t the only thing that attracts tourists to this incredible place. The accommodations of Fairmont Dubai will leave you breathless.

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There are around 390 guestrooms and suites that you can choose from. It also includes 128 suites and penthouses that you will absolutely adore. Are you already blown away? This is just the beginning! The amenities for the rooms include air-conditioning with digital climate control, a “smart maid service”, interactive television, high-speed internet connection, in-room safe, luxury bathroom amenities and so much more.

The interactive TV is one of the more pleasant surprises in this hotel. It gives you a different kind of experience that you may not have tried yet. A Smart TV will justify its name, so having the opportunity to play around with one and experience it even just for a few nights is very fulfilling.

Having an in-room safe is also very convenient because you can leave your hotel room without any worries about your personal belongings.

With these things present in your room, who would want to leave it? But of course, there are many more parts of Fairmont Hotel Dubai that are worth visiting.

Other Facilities

Some of these facilities are contemporary dining and entertainment venues, spa and health club, conference and meeting venues, business services venues, a flower shop and many others that will make you fall in love with Fairmont Hotel over and over again.

Just like other hotels, Fairmont keeps up with the modern facilities that almost every high-end hotel has. Great addition here though is the flower shop. You can simply drop by and buy your loved one some flowers as a surprise! Awesome isn’t it?

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If you like experimenting with different cuisines that Fairmont Dubai Hotel will not disappoint you. You can enjoy Japanese cuisine, grilled food, live sports, dining at the rooftop lounge and many more. There are plenty of different restaurants that the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai has to offer. You surely wouldn’t get bored even if you’re just sitting down and enjoying a meal.

Be prepared for a variety of different menus that will satisfy anyone’s appetite. This hotel offers everyone a different kind of experience, no matter what you may be craving for! There are also very enticing restaurants around the hotel that may interest you. But if you want the full experience of this hotel, it’s better to dine in!

Final Thoughts

Wouldn’t all these things blow you away? All these facilities, amenities and many others exist to please you. They are of the highest quality so your stay at the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai would surely be an amazing one that you will never forget.

What are you waiting for? Book a reservation at Fairmont Hotel so you can finally have that needed rest and relaxation in a superb and amazing hotel. Fairmont Hotel will not let your expectations down.

Note: There are also branches of Fairmont Hotel in other parts of the world, particularly Monte Carlo, Chicago, Vancouver and many more. Better check out those branches if you ever find yourself in these places.

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