Monday, November 18, 2019

    Back in 2014, Clark Findlay planned and embarked on the trip of a lifetime, a trip to the beautiful islands of the philippines.

    After spending a number of months researching about the lesser known parts of the country, I booked my trip. I never felt too confident in the review websites and booking page reviews I saw online but I booked my trip based on the info I had available.

    Unsurprisingly as with this trip and many trips after, I suffered a few nasty surprise. My hotel was damp, mildewy and it was horribly hot. The room aircon didn’t work, the bathroom was no more than one foot from the neighbors and there was no mosquito screen! And worst of all, to top it off, I’d accidently booked next to a club district. My hotel and the area sucked!

    After this trip I vowed to fix travel advice available on the internet. There was a need for unbiased, expert travel advice for travel location that was not crowd sourced reviews based information made by one time travellers and hotel owners.

    It took me four years to realise this dream but now it is a reality. has been born to help others with the advice I wish I had. It will over time grow to become a huge collective of travel writers and local travel experts. Our dream is to provide the world’s best source of quality travel advice from the world’s experts who live and work in the places you want to travel.

    We are always looking for new and exciting experiences to add to help other travellers like you. Let us know if you are a travel expert in your area. We’d love to hear from you too!