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With the over water bungalows resorts overlooking a pristine lagoon and of the Mt Otemanu, Bora Bora will take your breath away.

Whether its the lagoon, the prefect spas, some of the best wining and dining in the world, the pristine blue water, the clean salty air or the majestic volcano that rises above it all, Bora Bora is a true natural wonder and outstanding honeymoon and vacation destination.

If you are looking for that one vacation which will rejuvenate your heart and mind by taking you even closer to nature, then Bora Bora vacations are the ideal holiday.


Where is Bora Bora?

The Bora Bora group of islands, situated in the Society Islands archipelago of French Polynesia are place of breathtaking natural beauty. The Island is marked by the iconic extinct volcano which rises from the ocean to the clouds with two peaks, Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia.

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The most prominent natural features of this remarkable Island is the mountain peak and the exquisite emerald barrier reef and a lagoon.


Bora Bora History

Believe it or not, the island also holds a strong historical relation with the United States of America as an American base was created here during the Second World War during the war in the Pacific. The military base has now been converted into what is now the peaceful and tranquil tropical International airport. Situated in the Pacific, most tourists visiting Bora Bora Island are of American or European or Japanese origin.

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How to get to Bora Bora

The easiest way of approach to the Bora Bora Island is by taking a flight from your homeland to Tahiti and then taking another short flight to the Bora Bora Island. This amazing lap of nature continues to lure and charm tourists from different parts of the world who come here to experience a totally laid back trip of a lifetime Bora Bora vacation.


Best time to visit the Island

Climate is often the key factor in determining when tourits flock to a location making it both more expensive and also crowded. You can often find great deal outside of the these periods if you are a savvy traveler. The climate of the Bora Bora Island is basically tropical in nature and the seasons are divided into two categories.

June, July, August, September, October – High Season In Bora Bora

The weather stays dry and pleasant and hence attracts maximum tourist traffic during these months. This is also the time when hotel rates and other such services are at their peak. If you plan to visit the Island during this time, then get the bookings well in advance. This way you can ensure pleasant Bora Bora vacations in advance.

From November to April – Low Season In Bora Bora

There is more precipitation in the region which generally keeps the clouds away and the prices down. Don’t be scared to visit Bora Bora at this time, rain is typically only lasts for a few a hours as the afternoon thunderstorms roll through. For more information we suggest you visit and check out their great summary on the weather before making your decision.


Things to do in Bora Bora

Most people come to Bora Bora to unwind and relax with a book in the shade surrounded by some of the worlds most incredible tropical scenery.

Before you advanture too far from your hotel, make the most of your Bora Bora trip by relaxing on the beach or pool lying under the sun with a great book. The water is very welcoming here year round and it can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius.

Bora Bora is a rather small place with Vaitape as the only town you can go around, the central part of the Island is either ruggedly mountainous or rain forest and mostly uninhabited. So, all activities are concentrated in the beautiful lagoon surrounding the island.

As this Island is surrounded by sea and lagoon on most sides, there is a lot of water activities that one can indulge in during Bora Bora vacations.

A must see for a day trip is the Lagoonarium, where you dive and a guide shows you around the vast sea animal life that resides in the Lagoon.


Shopping In Bora Bora

The local shops are great to pick souvenirs like Black pearls or other interesting jewelry. For some land based fun, you can rent a bike or a bicycle or a jeep and go around the perimeter of the Bora Bora Island. It is indeed a truly unforgettable experience. You can also go hiking and trekking on the known trails and discovers awesome beauty.


Culture of The Pacific Island and Bora Bora Vacations – Something for everyone

Despite decades of tourism  and change, Bora Bora is a place which holds onto its culture and heritage with a tight grip. The natives here are very proud of their culture and it is pretty evident when you travel around the island streets of Bora Bora.

Do not miss on the rituals and ceremonies that the natives perform as they are pretty open about sharing these customs with the tourists. Absorb the traditional songs and dances which are performed at most hotels and resorts here.


Bora Bora Holiday Price

Bora Bora is indeed an expensive place to be. Here is a place where you can get the best seven star hotels and resorts here and spoil yourself or your loved ones silly. The hotels in Bora Bora do not hesitate to give the best in class to their guests, but they definitely charge you accordingly. It is difficult to spot a budget hotel or restaurant here, but it is not impossible. Bora Bora is indeed an exclusive place to enjoy the perfect vacation.



Bora Bora is an expensive place to visit but it is more that worth it. With unsurpassed natural beauty coupled with world class hotels and all the niceties that come with it, you  are certain to have the trip of your life time here.

Have you been to Bora Bora? Did you love it? How was your stay? Let us know any traps or treats that you can share with others so they can get the most out of their trip too.

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