Top 7 Things To Do In Virginia

Virginia is a beautiful border state located strategically located between the two the major cities of New York and Florida. It is located very close to Washington DC, the capital of the United States of America (USA). There are so many things to do in Virginia that the tourist can find irresistible. To the west is Kentucky; south is North Carolina, and to the east is the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. So go where the heart takes you because by being in Virginia you have plenty of other options open as well. But first, we must cover the basics. So, here is the list of must-see sites while in Virginia.

Canal Walk in Richmond

This is a great historical travel experience taking you through old times. Embark on the canal cruise to see Richmond, James River, and the Tobacco Row together with several wildlife species if you’re very observant. Enjoy the train tour taking you past historical sites or just walk around the lush gardens.

The Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach is spectacular. You should plan on going there on the day you wish to reserve for relaxing. You can unwind next to the waterfront where many amazing restaurants are serving the most delicious meals you have ever tasted. It is a great spot for people interested in water sports and other recreational outdoor activities.

Cape Henry Lighthouse on the Virginia Beach

The Lighthouse is a great spot for family sightseeing. The tickets are purchased in the small shop at the base of the tower. It was built in the 1700s and is now maintained with great care by the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA). The best time to visit is in the early evening hours, especially in the summer.

Richbrau, the Brew Pub

For all those who like to explore the local pubs, here is one that is the best of the kind. It serves some of the most famous microbrewed beers. Their lunch can be really heavy as they serve some extremely delicious cheeseburgers and sandwiches. However, the dinner menu can be slightly expensive, but you will get your money’s worth. You will enjoy the overall ambiance and yummy food and beverages.

AMC Lynnhaven 18 Theatres

People traveling with family will love this one. This theatre is one of the most famous of its kind. It has a retro appeal, with comfortable stadium seating and a great digital sound system. Check out their website to see all the ongoing shows, and possible discounts and offers.

Haversack Store (Museum of the Confederacy)

This store is located in the New Museum building and offers an abundance of goodies, especially for history lovers. You can get apparels, hats, ties, flags, multimedia, print posters, and just for a few bucks. This is a great place to buy souvenirs for friends and family, or for yourself, so you can always remember this unique vacation.

Dorey Park

If you are looking for something that will be to everyone’s liking, then visit Dorey Park! It offers a recreation center, picnic shelters, kids play areas, soccer fields, tennis courts and other recreational grounds like horse riding trail, etc. Spread over 400 acres of land, this is a relaxing zone ideal for making new and unforgettable memories.


No matter what you decide to do while in Virginia you are bound to have an amazing time with friends or family, all packed in a vacation you will remember for years to come.

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