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A Travel Guide to 13 Charming Airbnb’s in Wenatchee


How would you like to visit a relaxing and lovely small town surrounded by lush green orchards?  Well, Wenatchee is a small place in Washington State, with the population around 34,000 people, embedded between the Columbia River and the Cascade mountains. Despite its modest scale proportions, there are lots of things to see and lots of things to do in Wenatchee.


Book your stay at any of the 13 charming Airbnb Wenatchee homes, and enjoy beautiful farmlands and orchards or visit Ohme Gardens.
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Find Best Places to Stay Using Wenatchee Airbnb

Witness a truly majestic scenery as you walk across semi-arid land, listening to the sound of cascading rivers, and looking over craggy balsamroot covered landscape. Wenatchee is renowned for its wine, beer, and gardens, which makes it a perfect option for a rural escape. Furthermore, Wenatchee has some of the best vacation rentals with an amazing view. Here is the list of top 13 Airbnbs in Wenatchee for you to review.






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This Airbnb in Wenatchee has a lot to offer, and up to 6 people can lodge here. It has 3 bedrooms and offers a lovely vintage interior. It must also be endorsed for its private backyard, which is practically an oasis complemented with a sauna and hot tub. Inside you can shoot pool, play ping pong, or simply get some z’s in front of the cozy fireplace.

6 guests | 3 bedrooms | 3 beds | 1.5 baths


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A perfect Airbnb Wenatchee for a family of four. The home is located next to the shopping areas and it is 25 minutes from Leavenworth. This is surely one of the best places to stay in Wenatchee Valley as it has a well-equipped kitchen, high-speed internet connection, and an outdoor charcoal grill. You can relax on a patio, go hiking or skiing and downtown Wenatchee is within walking distance.

4 guests | 2 bedrooms | 2 beds | 1 bath


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A beautiful Wenatchee Airbnb that can accommodate up to 5 guests. The public market, supermarket and coffee shop are all just minutes away on foot, and it is a good option if you plan to visit Mission Ridge Ski Resort frequently. This newly remodelled home has a pristine white exterior, blackout shades bedroom windows, and is packed with stainless steel appliances.

5 guests | 3 bedrooms | 3 beds | 1.5 baths


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One of the best vacation rentals in Wenatchee that you can find. This is a really cozy place that can accommodate up to 2 guests, so any couple that wants to have private accommodation should go for it. This is a perfect Airbnb rental in Wenatchee for a romantic getaway that features a spectacular view of the city and its picturesque surroundings. It is perched on the hillside, very secluded, and untouched by urban tumult.

2 guests | 1 bedroom | 1 bed | 1 bath


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There are plenty of things to do in Wenatchee, but staying in this gorgeous mansion will definitely make your time here more memorable. This Airbnb Wenatchee is more than suitable for a party of up to 7 people, plus it has a complimentary wine tasting, during Winery hours. If you have plans to go skiing, hiking, and/or golfing, you can do all of these things nearby. So far, the feedback from other guests was nothing but positive, and thus saying that you are going to enjoy your stay here would be an understatement of the year.

7 guests | 2 bedrooms | 3 beds | 1 bath


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One of the incredible vintage Airbnbs in Wenatchee featuring original 1960’s red brick architecture.  It is located at the heart of Wenatchee Valley, near Central Washington Hospital. Up to 5 people can lodge here and it also allows long-term stays. You will have access to a fully equipped kitchen as well as a garden patio, and there is no doubt that you will love it here.

5 guests | 1 bedroom | 3 beds | 1 bath


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If you are looking for a pet-friendly Airbnbs in Wenatchee then you should certainly go for this one. You will have access to the entire house, and just like the name suggests the view from this home is simply amazing. You can see the city and the mountain river, plus you will be close to the ski center. The house is spacious enough for up to 6 guests. It is great for families as it has games and toys for the children and a jacuzzi where parents can relax. The home is in the East part of Wenatchee in the near vicinity of Leavenworth, & Lake Chelan.

6 guests | 2 bedrooms | 5 beds | 1.5 baths


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Looking for a quiet neighbourhood, just outside of the city, but still close to all of the main attractions? Look no further, this is the perfect Airbnb rental in Wenatchee. It is just minutes away from the airport, mountains, rivers, Mission Ridge Resort, and Old Town. Great for both bigger families or groups of friends as it can accommodate up to 6 visitors. It is also a viable option for an extended stay if you are here on business. The place does not have a kitchen though, but luckily the local restaurants have the delivery service.

6 guests | 2 bedrooms | 3 beds | 2 baths


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Just 20 minutes away from Mission Ridge ski area, this rural retreat home looks like a house that came straight out of Wenatchee travel guide. The home is on top of a hill, at 2500 ft in elevation, therefore you can expect the temperatures to be around 8 degrees lower than in the town. It is a residence intended for two guests only, so once again, it is a really good option for couples who aim for a quiet and relaxing vacation.

2 guests | 1 bedroom | 2 beds | 1 bath


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A truly luxurious house, big enough for 11 guests. Only the lower part of the home is available for the guests, but this Wenatchee Airbnb is not only for lodging purposes. It can also be rented for celebrations like reunions, parties, small weddings, team building, even nights out. Another perk for guests is that the stay includes breakfast items (cereals, eggs, pancake mix, sausage, spices, juice, and syrup) so you don’t have to go shopping in the morning. It has a big and spacious backyard, with a charming pond, and there is also a hot tub outside.

11 guests | 2 bedrooms | 7 beds 1 bath


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A Vacation Rental in Wenatchee located on a hill just above Columbia River. It is dog-friendly, has 3 bedrooms, 7 beds, and 3 baths, so up to 10 people can easily stay here. If you want to taste some quality wine and swoosh down the slopes then this is where you should stay. Furthermore, restaurants and shopping area are close by, and golf courses are just 5 minutes drive away. In other words, anything you need to have fun is just minutes away, and everything you need to relax is right inside (hot tub, Xbox, Cable TV, DVD library).

10 guests | 3 bedrooms | 7 beds | 3 baths


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Wenatchee Airbnb located on the famous Wenatchee Golf and Country Club. It is 30 minutes away from Chelan, 20 minutes from Mission Ridge Ski Resort, 5 minutes from Leavenworth, and just 10 minutes away from the river and beach parks. 10 guests can lodge here, it is an amazing and relaxing getaway, especially if you are here on business. You can unwind on a patio, throw a BBQ in the backyard, shoot pool with your friends, or get cozy and have some quality family time around the fireplace.

10 guests | 3 bedrooms | 7 beds | 3 baths


Credit: Airbnb

Bring your friends and family to this Wenatchee Airbnb Rental, it is 4,500+ square foot home with lots of entertaining features. Such as a basketball hoop, ping pong table, football table, and a heated pool. Downtown Wenatchee and the Columbia River are just a mile away, and it is 30 minutes away from Mission Ridge. With 5 bedrooms and 7 beds, it can easily fit up to 10 people and all of the previous guests can vouch that it is a wonderful place for families.

10 guests | 5 bedrooms | 7 beds | 3.5 baths



We hope you loved our this list of Airbnb properties and it helped you find a great place to stay. Have you stayed in any of the Airbnbs on our list? Or have you found other great Airbnbs in this city that you are keen to get featured? We are always on the lookout for great experiences and amazing places to stay. Join the conversation and let us know below.


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