The Best Weed 420 Friendly Airbnb Chicago Illinois

420 Friendly Airbnb Chicago Illinois are the perfect way to partake in a safe and comfortable setting with other accepting weed friendly people.

Recreational use of marijuana state became legal in Jan 2020 with the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act! It is now legal to purchase and consume cannabis in the state of Illinois. However, sadly this doesn’t mean that you can just light up anywhere.

It is still illegal to light up in public places, and there are not many weed friendly hotels in Chicago. Hotels generally are not very friendly when it comes to any kind of smoking so you probably never find a place if you search for smoke friendly airbnb near me. The solution my friends is weed friendly Airbnb Chicago!

We put together a list of our favorite 420 friendly Airbnb Chicago to help you find a great place to stay. So sit down, light up and kick back, we’ve got you. Feast your eyes on the best 420 friendly rentals Chicago, you are going to love them.

420 Friendly – “Blue Sky Apartment” Patio & Grill – About $130

Airbnb Chicago 420 Friendly “Blue Sky Apartment” Patio Grill
Credit: Airbnb

9 guests| 3 bedrooms| 4 beds| 1 bath

The Blue Sky apartment is one of the number of 420 friendly Airbnb in Chicago hosted by Roberto in Portage Park Chicago Illinois. With a unique style and friendly attitude, Roberto truly is our top pick of hosts for 420 friendly apartments Chicago.

The apartment has an incredible array of interesting features and items collected from travelling. It is a safe and comfortable place to stay for a 420 friendly vacation Illinois.

The blue sky apartment is located in the safe and convenient location in a multicultural part of the city.

This transportation close by and its apartment is suitable for the groups of nine with three bedrooms and four beds. If you’re looking for a small room Roberto has other rooms on offer that we feature below.

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420 Friendly – Room #7 Last minute booking 24/7 – About $45

Airbnb Chicago 420 Friendly Room 7 Last minute booking 247
Credit: Airbnb

4 guests| 1 bedroom| 2 beds| 1 shared bath

Another one of Roberto’s 420 friendly airbnb you can smoke in is room seven which has a private entrance, a queen size bed and a full size bed. Although the room looks a little bit cramped with the two beds inside there is also a walk-in closet we can store all your stuff so your bags are not in the way.

This room is suitable for a couple or or suitable for groups of four looking for a budget weed friendly lodging option.

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420 at Cheltenham’s 4 NBA All Stars – About $170

Airbnb Chicago 420 at Cheltenham’s 4 NBA All Stars
Credit: Airbnb

8 guests| 3 bedrooms| 4 beds| 1 bath

With an XL living space, and a super host owner Shomari, this cannabis friendly Airbnb Chicago is the perfect pad for larger groups who need a full place to themselves.

People who have stayed here have had great communication and found it really comfortable with warm cosy betting and an equipped kitchen.

There is a lot to do nearby with Soldiers Field, Museum of science and industry and Obama library all under 20 min away.

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420 & gay-friendly lodging! Private bedroom ^_^ – About $40

Airbnb Chicago 420 gay friendly lodging Private bedroom ^ ^
Credit: Airbnb

3 guests|1 bedroom|1 bed|1 shared bath

A fresh and modern apartment is our favorite weed friendly Airbnb Chicago that is also gay friendly. This is possibly the best-looking weed friendly Airbnb in Chicago.

The apartment is located in West Ridge which is a little further north than some of our other weed friendly Airbnb properties on our list, but you’d be extremely comfortable with the larger room of the apartment and a friendly weed loving host to partake with. This Airbnb is clean and great for both short-term and longer-term stays.

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420 Friendly – Rm#4 “Mary Jane Suite” Patio/Grill – About $50

Airbnb Chicago 420 Friendly Rm4 Mary Jane Suite PatioGrill
Credit: Airbnb

3 guests| 1 bedroom| 2 beds| 1 shared bath

The “Mary Jane Suite” is room number four in Roberto’s portage Park 420 Friendly Airbnb Chicago. It has a really interesting paint and furniture layout which reminds me of the 60s Beatles album, I just love it.

This is the better of the available smoke friendly Airbnb rooms so you will be really comfortable, but please be respectful and only smoke in the backyard patio or in the living room as per the hosts request.

This 420 friendly rental Chicago is in a quiet and safe neighbourhood call portage Park which is located only a couple of steps from 24-hour public transport to take you anywhere in the city.

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Loft Style Private Apt (1 Room- 420 Friendly Airbnb Chicago) – About $24

Airbnb Chicago Loft Style Private Apt 1 Room 420 Friendly
Credit: Airbnb

2 guests| 1 bedroom| 1 bed| 1 shared bath

A budget, but clean and friendly for 20 friendly Airbnb in Chicago. The loft style apartment is sparsely furnished but has everything you need for a chilled and relaxing weed friendly stay.

The apartment is not quite in downtown Chicago but it is only a quick ride on public transport into town with transport available 24/7.

You can smoke weed anywhere in this for Airbnb with smoking allowed inside but you’ll have to smoke your cigarettes outside. Just make sure that you leave on time. Your host Josh has a strict policy on late departures so please make sure you’re not late to leave.

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The Paris Room in Logan Square – About $32

Airbnb Chicago The Paris Room in Logan Square
Credit: Airbnb

2 guests|1 bedroom|0 beds|1.5 baths

Located in Logan Square, one of Chicago’s most artistic neighbourhoods, this 420 friendly Airbnb Illinois is only one block from the local cannabis dispensary making your trip really convenient to get supplies. There is also free private parking included for the duration of your stay.

This Illinois Airbnb listing isn’t really openly 420 friendly but they mention that the cannabis dispensary is close by. Make sure you confirm with your host where exactly they allow smoking before you light up though, some hosts only allow it in certain areas.

This Airbnb listing is one room in an apartment with four bedrooms so there will be other people staying with you – For this reason please make sure you contact the hosts before booking to make sure that they are also smoke friendly to avoid disappointment.

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LT – 420 Friendly Airbnb Chicago Rm#3 Great 4 Business/Studies – About $35

Airbnb Chicago LT 420 Friendly Rm3 Great 4 BusinessStudies
Credit: Airbnb

2 guests| 1 bedroom| 1 bed| 1 shared bath

In a safe and quiet part of Chicago with a bus stops steps away this 420 friendly Chicago Airbnb exceeds expectations. Your host Roberto has some really cool and interesting furnishings in his eclectic and cool weed friendly lodging. This is room three of four in the lodging.

You’ll have access to the rest of Chicago with the 24-hour public transport available nearby, but if you just want to chill out and relax tribute there is HDTV with a Blu-ray player Netflix in the living room. You can smoke in the backyard or in the living room and dining room only.

We think this is a better option than a 420 friendly hotels in Chicago as you will get to experience more of the area. This place is located in an incredibly multicultural and diverse neighbourhood so you will feel safe but also have a great time exploring the different cultures of the area.

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Cannabis Condo on Cheltenham 4BR

cannabis friendly airbnb in Chicago
Credit: Airbnb

8 guests| 3 bedrooms| 4 beds| 1 bath

The Cannabis Condo on Cheltenham is another great cannabis friendly Airbnb in Chicago from the same super host Shomari. The condo is in the same building but slightly larger than the other property, so it is great for big groups.

Heaps of recent guests have said that the place is sparkling clean on arrival in the hosts a great communication. You have no trouble staying this spacious well-appointed and located Cannabis friendly Airbnb.

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