The Top 16 Incredibly Luxury Airbnbs In Florida

These exquisite Airbnb rental in Florida USA will surpass your every expectation. All of these 16 Airbnb exclusive homes in Florida are worthy of royalty.

From the cotton-soft sands of the Emerald Coast to the fabulous beaches of the Keys, Florida’s 8,426 miles long shoreline make it an absolute must among many travelers each year. The ideal location for a peaceful beach getaway, Florida offers all vacationers a chance to unwind with a delicious cocktail surrounded by white sand and ocean breeze. Depending on your mood you could end up partying hard all day long in Miami or enjoying the tranquil shores of North Florida where you will relax in a lavish spa or wine and dine at restaurants packed with celebrities.

And this unique experience will get even more special if you rent any of the most exclusive Airbnb homes in Florida. Unlike having a room at a hotel, you will get the ultimate perspective and privacy of owning a unique Airbnb in Florida. And who knows, maybe this experience is just what you needed to make the decision of buying an expensive property in Florida? Or perhaps, you just want to live the life of the rich and powerful, even if it’s just during your vacation. In this article, you will discover what are the most expensive properties Airbnb in Florida USA that will be worth every penny.

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The Top 16 Luxurious Airbnbs in Florida

Waterside Living at a Grand Family Estate – About $1,600

Airbnb Florida Waterside Living
Credit: Airbnb

Just minutes away from downtown you can occupy one of the most expensive vacation rentals in Florida. This perfect Airbnb rental in Fort Lauderdale with seven bedrooms and five bathrooms is ideal for a group of fourteen people. This home is where classic meets modern in every way. The impressive exterior with pool, dining area and an at-home spa will leave you breathless.

14 guests | 7 bedrooms | 7 beds | 5.5 baths

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Magic Mansion – About $2,950

Airbnb Florida Magic Mansion
Credit: Airbnb

A tropical paradise in Miami can be your vacation getaway. Brand new Airbnb in Florida on the beach is where you should book your stay. Over 16 guests can be comfortable in the 10 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms home. Just 15 minutes away from the South Beach and Miami Airport you can enjoy the stunning view of Miami waterfront in 10,000 sq ft Airbnb.

16+ guests | 10 bedrooms | 10 beds | 8.5 baths

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Noonas Mansion – About $1,385

Airbnb Florida Noonas Mansion
Credit: Airbnb

A tropical paradise with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms is filled with summer vibes all around. With its vibrating colors, and a beautifully landscaped property you won’t even have to leave the house the feel like you are on vacation. A completely equipped kitchen, a tremendous pool, off-street parking, and secluded location is what makes this home get a five-star rating from us.

8 guests | 6 bedrooms | 10 beds | 5.5 baths

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Oceanfront Villa! Private resort! Beach access – About $2,100

Airbnb Florida Oceanfront mansion
Credit: Airbnb

Located in Redington Shores, one of the most expensive Airbnbs in Florida will leave you speechless. If 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms were not enough, it also has 2 game rooms, a pool, and a spa. 16 people or more can organize a family gathering or even a wedding in this beautifully decorated house.

16+ guests | 8 bedrooms | 27 beds | 6 baths

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Waterfront Villa 5 & 5.5 plus infinity pool – About $1,305

Airbnb Florida Waterfront Villa
Credit: Airbnb

The most expensive Airbnb in the world means you will have everything you need at your home and more. 12 guests can unwind in an exquisite 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms villa in North Bay Village. The mesmerizing view of the Miami skyline will make your every second a true spectacle. We all know that there are many things to do in Miami, but inside this exclusive property in Florida, boredom is an unknown word.

14 guests | 5 bedrooms | 7 beds | 5.5 baths

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Villa Venetia – Oceanfront with Panoramic Views – About $5,450

Airbnb Florida Villa Venetia
Credit: Airbnb

One of the most exclusive Airbnb homes in Florida is Vila Venetia. Stay in one of the best vacation rentals in Florida and with over 16 guests and enjoy the amazing view of Biscayne Bay. Located in between South Beach and downtown Miami, this 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms with an outdoor pool is among the best places to stay in the world.

16+ guests | 8 bedrooms | 8 beds | 7.5 baths

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Waterfront Exquisite Modern Luxury Personal Resort – About $1,491

Airbnb Florida Waterfront
Credit: Airbnb

Maybe what you are looking for is an exclusive Airbnb property in Florida that is more private and for a fewer number of people. Little more than 100 feet away from the ocean you can rent a modern home in Wilton Manors. With 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, you and 3 other guests can have enough space and privacy whenever you require it. An infinity pool and spa with breathtaking views will sweep you off your feet.

4 guests | 2 bedrooms | 2 beds | 3 baths

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Airbnb Florida Plantation Tropicale
Credit: Airbnb

Occupy the largest estate in Truman Annex, the most impressive community in Key West. One of the best vacation rentals can be your home away from home, as you will occupy an entire block in the area. The Royal Compound has a vast property surrounding it, so you won’t have to worry about your privacy.

8 guests | 5 bedrooms | 8 beds | 4 baths

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The Emerald (S) 7 Bedrooms and 8 Bathrooms – Sleeps 19- Beachfront Home – About $2,813

Airbnb Florida The Emerald
Credit: Airbnb

Emerald Beach is the gem of Florida. But this luxurious property is the gemstone of Emerald Beach. The most exclusive Airbnb Florida with 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms will make a fine base for a memorable vacation. In this beachfront home where classic meets modern, you will be equipped with anything you would want to find. So pack your clothes and leave the rest to these superhosts.

16+ guests | 7 bedrooms | 0 beds | 8 baths

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Spring Break Waterfront Mansion for Events! – About $1,149

Airbnb Florida Spring Break Waterfront
Credit: Airbnb

A luxury vacation starts Airbnb’s most expensive cities. So grab your travel guide and head over to Fort Lauderdale where a gorgeous 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms waterfront mansion is awaiting your arrival. A gigantic pool where you can do your morning exercises and a lagoon pool to relax afterward. The soothing exterior and interior will make you want to unwind and unplug the moment you step into this exclusive Airbnb in Florida.

15 guests | 5 bedrooms | 6 beds | 5 baths

South Beach Ocean Drive Beach Condos 3br+1b+Studio – About $1,470

Airbnb Florida South Beach Ocean
Credit: Airbnb

A stellar option for families are these 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms oceanfront condo suits. Settle in the heart of the historic South Beach Art Deco district, and numerous bars, restaurants, and lounges will be right across the street. More than 16 guests this expensive Airbnb in Florida and have Lummus Park Beach right over their doorstep.

16+ guests | 5 bedrooms | 16 beds | 3 baths

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The Ocean-to-River Beach-House Resort – About $2,699

Airbnb Florida The Ocean
Credit: Airbnb

Do you want an exclusive Airbnb in Florida that is both on the ocean and on the river? Book now this luxurious property of three houses with 13 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. Over 16 people can enjoy this award-winning estate, and if you decide to stay a week or longer you will get complimentary access to tennis and golf course, fitness center, three resort pools, restaurants and bars, and more.

16+ guests | 13 bedrooms | 42 beds | 11 baths

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Luxurious Mediterranean Estate with Private Beach! – About $1,210

Airbnb Florida Luxurious Mediterranean
Credit: Airbnb

Mediterranean serenity is waiting for you in an exclusive Airbnb in Florida. This perfect Airbnb rental in Sarasota for 12 people will leave a mark on your soul once you visit it. ^ bedrooms and 6 bathrooms make plenty of space for the whole group. If by any chance you feel like staying home, you have lots of entertainment left for you on the property like kayaks and a ping pong table.

12 guests | 6 bedrooms | 6 beds | 5.5 baths

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Just Chillin’ House – About $4,500

Airbnb Florida Just Chillin House
Credit: Airbnb

Within a walking distance to Rosmary Beach you will find a house that could be one of the coolest exclusive Airbnbs in Florida. 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms home with amazing views, a fully stocked kitchen, beddings and towels provided, private parking, and a large pool, will make a group of 4 feel extremely chill and relaxed.

10 guests | 5 bedrooms | 5 beds | 5.5 baths


Spacious Luxe Pool Villa BEST Location & TOP RATED – About $1,774

Airbnb Florida Spacious Luxe Pool Villa
Credit: Airbnb

A completely remodeled exclusive Airbnb in Florida with a pool is just what you need for a perfect vacation in Miami. Located in the prestigious Roads neighborhood, this modern, 2-story villa with 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms will give you absolute privacy. The guests have complete access to an outdoor heated pool and cabanas, a game room, and an indoor gym.

16+ guests | 4 bedrooms | 10 beds | 6 baths

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Credit: Airbnb

A worthy of royalty penthouse in Miami Beach is ideal for a romantic getaway with style. Shades of white will be all around you while you look at the clouds from your terrace. A truly blissful experience for up to 4 guests in this 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms Airbnb in Florida. Complimentary parking, pool, and gym are included.

6 guests | 4 bedrooms | 5 beds | 4 baths


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