Finding the Best Hotel in Paris

Paris is an amazing place that oozes romance in every single way. Located in France, Paris is a place where love happens. You’ve probably seen it in movies and surely, you’d want to experience the great mystique of a beautiful place such as the city of lights. If that’s the case, then stop fantasizing and start taking action!

What is the first thing you have to do when planning a trip? Aside from checking things to do, first you will have to secure a hotel where you will be staying!

Allow us to help you find the best hotel in Paris for you to stay in. Assuming that you are coming to Paris with your loved one, you can’t really go wrong with any of these hotels that promise a romantic and unforgettable experience for both of you!

Best Hotels in Paris

Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome

This is one of the best hotels in Paris. It definitely won’t be cheap if you decide to stay here. The room rates are a bit pricey, but there’s no doubt that every dollar spent here is worth it.The Park Hyatt hotel offers a very romantic experience for you and your special someone. The amenities are of high quality. Moreover, they have a café and a nice dining area as well. Other than that, this hotel in Paris is just like the others in terms of having all the necessary amenities. But what the Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome stands out for is its romantic ambiance that you will truly feel once you step inside this beautiful hotel.

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Hotel Relais Bosquet Paris

If you want a hotel that is literally a few steps away from amazing attractions such as the Ecole Militaire and the famous Eiffel Tower, then this hotel is your best option. Another great thing about this hotel in Paris is that it is just 5 minutes away from the metro station. This can be convenient who are staying in the city of lights without their car. Booking this hotel will make things so much easier for you!

Hotel Ares Paris

This nice hotel in Paris is one of the best options if you’re for something a little more budget-friendly. It is not as high-end as the other hotels in Paris, but it gives you the exact same feeling and service! Hotel Ares Paris is one of the premier budget hotels in Paris. In fact, it is a famous hotel that many tourists inquire about when booking a flight to Paris!

Another great thing about this hotel is that aside from the fact that they have all the amenities that you would want and need – it is just a few minutes away from the Eiffel Tower. You could reach the Eiffel Tower in just 3-5 minutes walk! For an affordable price, you can’t really go wrong with the Hotel Ares Paris!

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Relais Christine

An affordable yet romantic experience? Relais Christine may be the hotel that you are looking for! Adorn with great design and architecture, the Relais Christine is one of the most aesthetically pleasing hotels in Paris. The hotel is very elegant in every single way.

Aside from its beauty, this hotel also houses a very friendly staff that is always ready to attend to you with a smile. The Relais Christine hotel is a very tourist friendly hotel that is worth staying in. So if you want to feel right at home – this hotel is a great pick!

Secret de Paris

A hotel that is located at the heart of the city. You can literally see everything outside the window! Secret de Paris gives you a great view of Paris as a whole.

True to its name, this hotel is one of the best-kept secrets of Paris. If you want to have a romantic escapade with your loved one, this is a hotel that you MUST visit! An extremely delightful stay awaits you in this hotel.

Secret de Paris is also near most metro stations which make commuting easier. The hotel is located at the center of the city so all the famous establishments, shopping malls, and restaurants are also nearby. That’s a win-win situation for any tourist!

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Hotel Le Bristol

You can say that we may have saved the best for last. There is actually a reason why Hotel Le Bristol is ranked #1 among the 1,800 hotels in Paris. Hotel Le Bristol isn’t really like your average hotel. Ladies and gentlemen – Hotel Le Bristol is a palace.

Yes, you read that right. Hotel Le Bristol is one of the best hotels, not only in Paris but also in all of Europe. It is a luxury hotel that offers literally ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can ever want. It is the perfect hotel for a romantic trip to Paris. It is beautiful, sophisticated, and classy in every way you can imagine. The only way for you to truly appreciate the beauty of this place is by seeing it for yourself.

Take note that this hotel is very expensive. So make sure that you have enough money with you if you want to stay in this beautiful palace. But, every dollar you spend on this hotel is worth it.

If you are on a honeymoon, this hotel is the ideal place to stay. With their kind staff and brilliant service, the Hotel Le Bristol is the perfect hotel in Paris for all those who want to experience the ultimate dream!


These are just some of the hotels in Paris that you can choose for your trip there. Make sure to make all the necessary inquiries before you embark on your romantic journey. Enjoy!

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