Las Vegas Vacation Planning For Beginners

Las Vegas is a great location that you can enjoy 24/7. There will be bright sunlight during the day and shining lights during the night. Vegas vacations deals will let you enjoy both nightlife and breathtaking nature at great prices. In the past, Las Vegas an uninhabitable desert. Today it is a world-famous city made for fun and unlimited entertainment. The city offers great attractions for both local and foreign tourists. There are many things to do in Las Vegas, so prepare yourself in advance so you wouldn’t miss any.

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Bellagio Casino

It is a world famous hotel which is also a home of beautiful botanical gardens. The hotel was made with a unique glass structure. You can enjoy the great fountain as well. Bellagio has become quite popular ever since it was introduced for the public in 1998. The design was inspired by Bellagio, an Italian town. There are more than 2000 hand-blown and colored glass flowers that decorate the hotel. 3 acres of space was dedicated to the beauty of great fountains. The fountain was picked up as the backdrop of the film, Ocean’s Eleven.

If you have a special interest in gambling you can try out one of the 2300 slot machines that are readily available at the location. A large number of professional poker players choose this hotel as their favorite place to be. In this area, you will discover a special kind of energy and positive vibes.

Mob Museum

The Mob Museum will let you have a glimpse of some of the original equipment that was used by mafia. You will also understand how the small desert land was converted into a great gaming world. You will also understand the impact of the mob on the entire country. A museum of 41,000 sq. foot area was opened in 2012. You will find images of crime scenes and you can take a look at the wide variety of weapons that were used in the deadly bloodsheds.

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Forum shops

If you want to make the most out of Forum shops, you should want to spend at least one or two days. Ona day is definitely not enough. You will find great architecture which is an inspiration from Roman architecture. The facilities at the Forum shops were well planned and you will certainly appreciate its general layout. A simple window shopping can last you for hours and hours. It will be a thrill to reach the aquarium through the spiral staircases that will stop mid-air.

Forum shops offer you a lot of free entertainment, so it can be a suitable option for those who get tired of the casinos. There are a number of shops which can both pricey and budget-friendly.

Adventuredome Theme Park

You will have a great time as you move through the Adventuredome Theme Park. There are more than 20 rides. Here you will see great attractions which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. You can enjoy the roller coaster (double-corkscrew), climbing walls, Ferries wheel, and bumper cars. The swinging pirate ship will give all the excitement that you want from an adventure park.

The theme park can be enjoyed by all family members. If you do not want to be exposed to the sunlight and large crowds, the Adventuredome is the best choice. The roof is a pink-tinted glass and it will appear like a canyon when it is viewed from the inside. You can watch a miniature runway which is called Miner Mike. Also, you can have a great ride on the airplane that was made in the 1920s.

The excitement will reach its peak when you go down the roller coaster which hurls at 55 miles per hour. Moreover, you will go through the Rim Runner in which you will rotate in three different directions. In addition to the great exciting platforms, you can also enjoy the golf course, shows, and videos. You will be exposed to 4D films as well. You can find Adventuredome at the north end of the Strip, which is inside the Circus Circus Casino & Resort. Furthermore, you will enjoy wide varieties of burgers, pizzas and ice creams in between the rides.

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Stratosphere tower

Stratosphere Tower is a very tall structure (350 meters) where you can enjoy great rides or you can go enjoy fantastic views. There are observation decks from where you can observe the skyline. Moreover, you can also enjoy great food at the revolving restaurant. It will be a great experience to eat food at a height of 243 meters while revolving in the sky.

If you want to make the most of this tower, then you can have breathtaking rides. The big shot will let you have a ride which is placed on the highest spot in the world. You will go at a height of 304 meters through catapult riders. X-Scream roller coaster will let you suspend in the mid-air. Sky Jump Las Vegas will let you jump from a height of 855 feet.


As part of Vegas vacation deals, you can enjoy the great Las Vegas Strip. In fact, there is a long history of the evolution of the strip hotels. It was started way back in the 1940s. The strip became popular as it was captured in various Hollywood movies. Moreover, here you can enjoy the great nightlife of Los Vegas. There are a number of resorts, pools, pubs, casinos, and spas that you can enjoy in every way. In addition to the unlimited potential of entertainment, you will enjoy great food which includes shakes, snacks and Italian meals. The best way to reach this spot is through a hired taxi or monorail. Parking charges are very high and the traffic can be very slow.

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